Student Groups

“I strongly recommend this program to anyone. It helped me in ways I never thought possible, and it could definitely help others. If everyone had MVP, we would have nothing to talk about.”
-MVP high school student leader (MA)

Duane de Four conducting a high school training

MVP’s Duane de Four leads an MVP Playbook scenario discussion with a group of high school boys in Boston, MA.

MVP works with student groups in middle school, high school and college through direct training with the students or train the trainer programs with teachers. MVP has worked with nearly 200 high schools and over 200 colleges as well as school work internationally.

High schools
MVP has worked with high school students and teachers from Boston, MA to Sioux City, IA to Columbine, CO to Edinburgh, Scotland. This high school work overwhelmingly has consisted of train the trainer programs for teachers and student leadership groups. These train the trainer programs allow high schools to institutionalize MVP. MVP T-shirt

Colleges and universities ask MVP do deliver a range of services including awareness raising workshops, large group presentations and train the trainer programs and technical assistance. MVP has served as a training and technical assistance provider for the US DOJ Office of Violence Against Women, empowering campuses with the training and resources to implement MVP in their respective communities.

Liz Nichols conducts a high school training

MVP’s Liz Nichols leads a breakout discussion with a group of high school girls in Boston, MA.




“This stuff in MVP was really something I went home and I thought about all the time. [I]t got to the point where I really couldn’t watch something on TV or anything without thinking about it, you know?”
-MVP high school student leader (MA)