Large Group Presentations

“You provided the students with such rich information and clearly motivated students to think about their personal responsibility and ability to take actions that benefit their peers as well as themselves…We are so fortunate to have had opportunities to work with you and experience your incredible commitment to and deep insight into violence prevention. Each of you is such an inspiration and wonderful role model for the members of our community.”
Janet Epstein, Associate Director
Syracuse University’s Advocacy Center

MVP has delivered keynote presentations for a wide range of organizations including the US Military, professional conferences on gender violence and for campus -based programming. These large group presentations are engaging, multi-media sessions that incorporate videos and interactive dialogue to challenge audiences to confront sexist abuse and explore what it takes to become an empowered bystander: someone who witnesses potentially harmful behavior and takes action that has the potential to lead to a positive outcome.

Participants leave these presentations with ideas about how they can respond to difficult situations and with information about the numerous organizational/campus opportunities for further discussion about interpersonal violence prevention.

MVP presenting at Syracuse Welcome 2010

MVP's Tracey Britton (at podium) and Jerome Hall (right) inspire the incoming students to take ownership for the culture of their campus and to be empowered, proactive bystanders. MVP provided a dynamic multi-media presentation for nearly 3,000 students during New Student Orientation at Syracuse University (August 2010).

2009 Navy Sexual Assault Summit

(l-r) Friend and colleague Anne Munch, Jeff O'Brien, longtime ally SGM Mike Timmerman (USMC) and Daryl Fort at the US Navy's Senior Leadership Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Summit in Washington, DC (2009). MVP delivered a presentation for the assembled leadership group of over 300.