MVP-Sweden Successfully Launched

mvp_swedenMVP has partnered with Män för Jämställdhet Sweden (Men for Gender Equality Sweden) to establish MVP-Sweden in 2012. Men for Gender Equality focuses on social norms of masculinities; how they are formed, how they influence society, relations and individuals, and how they can be reformed to contribute to gender equality, freedom from violence and better health for women, girls, boys and men

MVP trainers Jeff O’Brien and Dr. Shannon Spriggs travelled to Stockholm in October 2012 to deliver a Train the Trainers program for 25 local educators and leaders who were coordinated by Men for Gender Equality. The participants are now implementing MVP training with teens in the metro Stockholm area. Prior to the training, a core team from Män för Jämställdhet researched the bystander intervention programs and determined that MVP and Bringing in the Bystander (out of the University of New Hampshire) were the right fit for them. This core team spent a day with the MVP team in Boston to determine the best implementation strategy. MVP is thrilled to be in partnership with our new friends in Scandanavia.

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