Athletic Groups

 “The absolute premier training group for athletes”
Judy Yupcavage
Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Red Sox minor league training

MVP's Jeff O'Brien (red shirt) and Antonio Arrendel (black shirt) lead Boston Red Sox minor leaguers through a discussion about what it means to be a team leader in relation to preventing men's violence against women. The training took place during 2005 Spring Training at the Red Sox minor league complex in Ft. Myers, FL.

MVP works extensively with athletic groups on these issues – on levels from youth to professional. The multi-racial, mixed gender MVP Program is the first large-scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate and professional athletes in the fight against gender violence. MVP trainers are a diverse group of former athletes, who, based on shared experiences, are able to establish connections with participants in highly effective ways.

MVP has unparalleled experience working with athletics delivering training on nearly 200 campuses and with all the major professional sports leagues. MVP can deliver awareness raising/ basic skill building and train the trainer programs for athletic groups. MVP also deliver presentations for this population. The most popular option for athletic groups is the 90-minute awareness raising training.

Here’s a sampling of MVP’s athletic work:


College Athletics
NCAA logo
MVP has delivered highly interactive trainings with student-athletes, coaches and staff at over 200 colleges and universities. Participants regularly refer to MVP sessions as the best lifeskills meeting they have in their college experience. MVP trains female and male teams.


LSU men doing the "Agree/Disagree/Unsure activity"

Student-athletes engage in a spirited discussion about alcohol and sexual consent during a 2010 MVP training at LSU.

“The Southeastern Conference is pleased to have xanax online buy formed a partnership with the MVP Program that continues our goal of preparing our student-athletes for life. The MVP staff has worked well with SEC universities in bringing a message of personal responsibility and leadership through a program that presents positive challenges to the thinking of our student-athletes.”
Mike Slive
Commissioner, Southeastern Conference (SEC)


SEC, Big10 & A10 conferences




Conference-wide training partnerships
MVP began a partnership with the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 2005 to deliver a first-of-its-kind conference-wide training program with all SEC institutions. The Big Ten and A-10 followed suit and initiated conference-wide training programs beginning in 2006.

2009 Pats Rookies in team room

MVP's Jeff O'Brien (far left) and Daryl Fort (far right) with the 2009 New England Patriots Rookies following MVP training at the Pats Gillette Stadium Team Room in June 2009.

“The MVP Program is the most effective program of its kind that I have seen. MVP offers the best means of eliminating violence against women before it starts.”
Robert Kraft
Owner, New England Patriots






Professional Sport
MVP has worked with all of the major professional sports leagues on a range of training services. MVP has served as an official lifeskills program for the NFL, delivered training for the NE Patriots Rookies every year since 1999, worked with individual MLB clubs to address specific needs at the minor and major league level and training for NBA team staff and NASCAR employees on workplace conduct issues. Lastly, MVP has worked internationally with Australian Rules Football clubs and with the BC Lions of the CFL.

After training the Orlando Magic staff & coaches

Jeff O’Brien, Jessica Bartter, Keith Lee and Robert Weathers following training with Orlando Magic Staff and Coaches.